School Year Round?

School Year Round?


It is assured that the shorter breaks help students retain information- therefore less time needs to be spent on review. Actually, not only do teachers have to review at the beginning of each school year, but they must also review each time students return from a break because students forget what they learned before the break.” Kathryn L. Branch, teacher in year round school.


To some students, school year round means having school everyday of the year. That is not entirely true. School year round means that students still get 180 days of school, just not a 2 month summer break. In school year round (SYR) you actually get a longer spring break, fall break, etc. If the school board accepts SYR, it will also help students get better grades on tests, and test scores will go up.


I believe that there should be SYR because it would help a school get better test grades. Over a long summer break, students usually forget what they learned last school year, and teachers have to spend a long time reviewing what students already learned last year. Then, students will not learn as much for tests such as Acuity and Istep. If there is SYR, then students will not forget what they learn, and they will spend more time learning new things and their test grades will get higher.


It is also very unnecessary to have a very long two month summer vacation. Usually, families take a vacation for a week or two. Mostly during the two month vacation, students are hanging out at home, the park, and in town doing nothing but loitering, vandalizing property, and more illegal stuff, causing a bunch of crimes. But, if there was SYR, and say students only had a half-month summer vacation, students would not be hanging out in public that much and the likelihood of crimes would go down.


SYR can give students more time to learn new things, and less time relearning what they have already learned. This will help a schools test grades go up, and possibly give them five stars. If SYR does not take order, students will spend a lot of time learning old stuff, and less with new stuff, seriously affecting test grades. It’s clear that SYR can benefit in many ways to save a school from low test grades.

The Golden Line from Everlost by Neil Shusterman

     ” ‘ Who cares what you believe!’ It was as if she was looking at a different boy. She had taken him into her confidence- she had trusted him. They were going to be a team, benevolently leading the Afterlights of Everlost forever and ever. This wasn’t supposed to happen!

     Then Nick’s Expression changed, and for the first time his calm took a turn toward anger, and accusation.

     ‘ How long have you known?’ Nick demanded.

     Mary refused to answer him.

     ‘ Did you know about the coins form the beginning? How long have you been robbing them from the children who come for you for help?'”


This passage proved and made readers think that Mary was actually the Sky Witch. This proves that Mary is not actually the nice person who she really is, but a person who steals from kids. All she ever wanted was a bunch of minions of Afterlights. And this is the passage where Nick discovers she is actaully not nice. This brings on Mary to leave Nick and then when she meets new children and takes their coin and warns them about the ” Chocolate Ogre” who is actually Nick, trying to be the good guy, but Mary tricks them into thinking he is the bad guy, but in actuality Mary is the bad guy.

Personification\Character Sketch- swagger

SWAGGER  walked in to the room with his head high and swaying his hands back and forth. He wore the new converse shoes and a pair of new aeropostle pants. He knew that everybody was looking at him because he was the man. He was the boss. He was on top of the world. He sits down in his seat and in a slunched down postition. He looks at the book he was supposed to be reading and threw it across the room. Reading was too cool for this dude. He gets up and throws the rest of his stuff on the floor. SWAGGER did not need school. He was confident with power and didn’t need anything except his fly clothes. He boast out of the room and walks out of the school. He gets on his bike and rides down the road. He didn’t care what anybody thought about him, cause he was SWAGGER, and he was on top of the world.

Personal Identification- sincere

If there is a word that I can describe myself as, but only on a good day, it would by SINCERE. First of all, I like to help my little sister with her math homework and on her english. Even though I sometimes I cannot stand my sister, I still help her with her homework. Another reason why I am sincere is I do not make fun of people who are different. I do like to joke around, but I would always say that I was kidding around and I did not mean it. For the last reason why I am sincere, is that I help people feel better when they are sad. If somebody was crying, I would try my best to make them feel better. If you do these these things, that that means that you are sincere.

Context Clue- rational

Mr. Green really did not like to give students suspensions, after schools, and saturday schools. He loved to be rational with some people so he would not ruin somebodys weekend or day. He would rather give the student an acountability lunch for two weeks straight than ruin their day. Or, if they would rather just get a saturday school than take the nice offer, than that is fine with him