Reading & Writing Challenges


My main challenge for reading this year is to read a total 120 hours this entire school year. To achieve the goal, I am going to try to read at least 45 minutes each day, or an hour.  Whenever I do not get to 45 minutes on the day, the next day I will read 45 minutes and the remainder of time that I had to read yesterday. Once I reach 120 minutes, the next goal is to get 150 hours. My other goal is to finish reading one of the selection of ghost books I have laying around my house.  I will try to read this book after I finish the series I am on right now.


The really big goal I am trying to finish right now is to finish righting all the novels and short stories I am currently working on. To achieve this goal, I am going to try to write a chapter or a half a chapter in each book a day. Once I have finished writing all two of the current books, novel and short story, I am going to write the sequel for both of the short stories I have finished, one completed and one uncompleted. Another goal is to write another book similar to the novel I am writing about Led Zeppelin, but with The Beatles and the story line based on their songs. After I finish the Led Zeppelin book, The Adventures of Jimmy Page and Robert Plant, I plan to write a book of the Beatles. I will try to do this goal after I finish writing my current band book.