Says Who?

 We, as authors, use  a lot of dialogue in our stories and it is boring if we use he said or she said all the time. We do not use said always because it will bore the reader and them loose interest. We write different words like exclaimed and asked by seeing what is approiate to use on what they are saying.  We learn these variation by reading other books that have different words when using dialogue. If we do not develop a strong use of vocabulary, our writing will not get better and we will never learn. As I said, it is important to read so that we can develop a better writing system.

Introduction to KoRn

Got The LifeThis is KoЯn. They are a heavy metal band that has been playing since the 90s. Korn is my alltime favorite band. The voice the singer, Jonathon Davis, is heavy and excellent. They are most famous for songs like Falling Away From Me, Freak on a Leash, and Oildale. I can not put all the songs on the blog because just about everyone has a cuss word in it. Although some songs like Word Up and Hold On have no cuss words in it and I can show it too you. This song is called Got the Life and fortunately, it has no bad words and is as good as ever. Enjoy.

New Things I am Going to Start to Do on my BLOG

I have decided to do on my blog. It is too awesome to put in a sentence and it would blow your mind. To keep everybody from there mind from blowing up, I am forced to put what is upcoming on my blog into an outline of what I have to do.  I do not want to do this but my lawyers say that if I do not do this I will have liability charges and I will go to jail. So here is what is upcoming.

A. One Word Book Reviews(O.W.B.R)

     B. More Songs Froms…..

          I. Korn, Three Days Grace, Seether, Puddle of Mudd, System of a Down, and more.

           C. Questions of the Week

and more:D

6 Word Memoirs

I’m dumb, but i can pretend.

The music solves all my problems.

Everybody underestimates what I’m capable of.

I’m 13. When Can I drive?

                                         MORE 6 WORDS MEMOIRS COMING SOON:D

20 Seconds of Chaos Draft

Twenty Seconds of Chaos

I was in the front seat of my Mom’s old crimson red van. We were just coming home from my Mom’s boyfriend’s house and I was ready to sleep in my warm bed. It was only 3 P.M. but I was really tired. The plan was for when we got close to Indiana, we would go to a Pet-co to get a few fish for our frog we just bought. I don’t know why, but my mom was currently in to fish and frogs, again. I would go to the neighboring book store and hoping to find a good book to read while my mom, my brother and sister find a good fish. We drove up to an intersection I familiarized as the one with the old gas station. It wasn’t a Shell, Speedway, or Circle K, but it sold drinks and that was good enough for me. The silence was bothering me terribly so for a split second, I looked down for a CD. I was in the mood for Seether or Linkin Park, then I remembered I always have to ask to listen to my “ terrible” music. That’s what my mom calls it. I looked up and saw the forest green truck in front of the van.

I expected mom to stop the car instantly and say that was close. It never happened. I expected the man in the truck to get out and to see that his truck was perfectly fine. It never happened. I expected us to drive away and go to the stupid pet store and buy the fish. It never happened. When I heard the screeching of the cars and the saw the white airbags in my face, my perspectives of what was gonna to happen changed. I expected to have blood on my face from the airbags like in the movies. It never happened. I expected there to be a fire and the firetrucks and the ambulances came to the scene to help us. It never happened, sort of. I expected the car to be crashed and glass to shatter and the car to be totaled. THAT, was the only thing of my expectations that came true in the twenty seconds of chaos.

The old dust that was contained in the airbag flew out in the car. It smelled like smoke, but later I was told that it was dust to keep the airbags from melting under the dashboard on hot days. My mom must have drove onto the side of the intersection, because when the airbags deflated enough so I can see where we were, we were on the side of the road to the opposite of the gas station. Whew! At least we didn’t drive into the gas station. That is how to get through tough times. Always think of the positive ideas. At least nobody was majorly hurt. I think. Oh No! I’m thinking negative. O.K. I hear police siren and firetrucks. Was there a fire? Do I dare open my eyes to end the twenty seconds of chaos?

I have to move away from the airbags to breathe. I was uncontrollably sobbing and I had trouble to breathe. I move away and the next thing I know my mom is in front of me telling me to breathe. When I am soon able to breathe again, the police come around to ask us simple questions like if I was wearing my seat belt and all the other normal idiotic questions. I look to the back seat. Glass is spread out across the back seat. The firemen open up the hood in the front and in about a minute, the firemen leave and take the shiny red trucks with them. I stare at the cars of mostly trucks driving by on the intersection. All of them take a simple glance and keep on driving, most slow down and stare, but drive away eventually. I have absolutely no problem with these people. What really gets on my nerve is the people who stop the cars totally, but not to get out to check if anyone is all right or to see what exactly happened, but instead, they gawk, point, and stare. It is very irritating to be gawked and by a minute or later, they slowly drive away.

My chest had a very painful sting in my area of the ribs. But I knew sooner of later that it would past, I hope. By the next ten minutes, we are escorted to the police station while our car is towed. The plan was for mom’s boyfriend, Brad, to pick us up and we would get some things out of the car, but not all of them. To this day, my CD’s, work of art, and agenda is still in the car someplace in Ohio. After we were picked up, we rode home in Brad’s bright blue van and were dropped off at home.

The first five seconds of chaos were driving up to the intersection and not seeing the stoplight, the next ten seconds were seeing the truck in front of us and hearing the screeching of the tires to the airbags going in my face. The last five short seconds were of my remembrance or the panic attack and the me trying to accept the fact that we were not going home anytime soon. I can say that my twenty seconds of CHAOS have changed my life and left me without my work, without my music, and without a work of transportation. I really hope that I do not have to relive any of that anytime soon.